Student Life Essay In English In 100, 150 and 200 Words

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Student Life Essay :- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On Student Life, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as Essay on Student Life, Student Life Essay In English, and student life paragraph. So, Don’t confused stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Student Life Essay

Important Points Of Student Life Essay

  • Introduction
  • Care free life
  • Life of discipline
  • Life of character building

Student Life Essay In English In 100 Words

Introduction :- Student life is the best part of life. A student learns many things from books. But he has to enter the real world after his student life is over. So, he needs practical knowledge of things. Student life prepares a man to lead a successful life. In fact, student life is a life of learning. A student learns morality and good manners. He understand the value of discipline in life. So student life is a period of making and preparation.

Care free life :- Student life is a care-free life. It is a life of joy. A student is free from almost all cares of the world. He gets a different atmosphere at college from that of home. He takes part in games and sports. He goes sometimes on a picnic and sometimes on educational trips. A student lives in a small world of his school or college. The life of a student, therefore, is a golden period of life.

Life of discipline :- Student life is a life of discipline. At home a student may behave well or badly. But the atmosphere of a school college is completely different. Good boys are loved and praised. Wicked boys are punished. All students have to follow some rules and obey their teachers. Thus, they learn discipline. Discipline makes them self less and teaches them ‘live and let live’.

Life of character building :- Student life is a life of character building. Character has its importance in life. A student must be bold and fearless.. He must think society. He should try to solve the problems of the nation. He must be loving and truthful. Student life is a life of character formation. Students must have a sense of patriotism. They must go on doing work without thinking of the dead past and the uncertain future.

Trust no future; howe’er pleasant!
Let the dead past bury its dead!
Act-act in the living present
Heart within and God o’er head

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