Short Essay On Use Of Mobile Phones In English In 100, 150, 200 And 250 Words

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Essay On Use Of Mobile Phones :- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On Use Of Mobile Phones, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as essay on mobile phone, paragraph on mobile phone, advantages of mobile phones essay, and essay on mobile. So, stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Essay On Use Of Mobile Phones

Essay On Use Of Mobile Phones In 100, 150, 200 And 250 Words


  • Introduction – A Great Invention
  • Its Uses
  • Various Facilities
  • Drawbacks
  • Conclusion

Introduction – A Great Invention :- Mobile phone is the biggest invention which has made communication easier and faster. When mobile phones were not invented, it was difficult to talk to each other at any time. A mobile phone is also known as a cell phone or cellular telephone.

Its Uses :- The mobile phone is used to communicate over long and short distances without wires. It is also used in making videos, audios, sending messages, recordings, etc.

Various Facilities :- The mobile phone has various features like camera, calculator, entertainment, ( audio / video ), games, recorder, speaker and internet etc.

Drawbacks :- Every positive thing has some disadvantages also. Too much use of mobiles may harm our brain, eyes and ears.

Mobiles have adversely affected the reading habits particularly of the children. The time they should devote to reading is occupied in enjoying video games.

Conclusion :- Mobile phones are very useful and necessary in present time but we must be careful that it does not cause any harm to us. We should avoid its too much use and should keep away from small children. If used properly, they are indeed a boon to us.

Essay On Mobile Phone For Students

Introduction :- The present age is of digital and internet. Many people in our country have mobile phones. Even rickshaw pullers and garbage pickers have mobile phones. It is small , handy and easy to carry everywhere.

Cheap and quick means of communication :- Cost of mobile phone ranges from 1000 to 1 lakh but a low paid person can purchase it. It is a quick means of communication.

Facilities of internet :- Mobile phone provides us with many facilities. We can get any information , transfer money and purchase of trains, air, taxi tickets at our home. We can also deposit electricity, telephone, water, tax bills from it.

Wastage of money and times :- Mobile phones are useful but they are making people idle and addicted. So, valuable time of people is being wasted by seeing useless sites. Youths waste their time in seeing the bad sites.

Conclusion :- Above all, mobile phones are useful but if we use of it in access, it wastes our time.

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