Short Essay On Newspapers In English In 100, 150, 200 And 250 Words

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Essay On Newspapers :- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On Newspapers, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as newspaper essay in english, paragraph on newspaper, importance of newspaper essay, and newspaper essay writing. So, stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Essay On Newspapers

Essay On Newspapers In 100, 150, 200 And 250 Words


  • Introduction
  • Its Usefulness
  • Collection of News
  • Its Demerits
  • Distribution of Newspapers

Introduction :- In the morning, as soon as I open the gate of my house, I find a newspaper lying there daily. The newspaper is a necessity in our daily life. It is now printed in almost all the languages and in all the countries of the world. Newspapers are distributed throughout the country by newspaper agents and hawkers.

Its Usefulness :- The newspaper covers a wide range of information at a very low cost. The main topics of great interest in newspaper include politics, sports, economy and stock – market, movies, employment, property, education, technology and many more. Newspaper helps to develop new ideas and guides a common man on how to think and discuss.

Collection of News :- Newspaper keeps records of all events that happen all around the world. News from different parts of the world are collected through internet and various correspondents also work at various places.

Its Demerits :- Newspapers have some drawbacks also. Sometimes, news are even twisted and distorted. They serve as a means of propaganda for the various political parties. Often views and comments are expressed through them that confuse the people and misguide them.

Distribution of Newspapers :- It should be remembered that the newspaper is a highly organised industry these days. A critical and independent readership alone can bring a change. We must use this for the benefit of getting news not for creating any disturbance to society.

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