Short Essay On A Postman In English In 100, 150, 200, And 250 Words

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An Essay On A Postman:- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On A Postman, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as Postman Essay. So, stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Essay On A Postman

Essay On A Postman In 100, 150, 200, And 250 Words


The postman is a government servant who delivers letters, money – orders or parcels at the given address,

His Dress:-

The postman wears khaki uniform, carries a leather bag to keep letters, money – orders and parcels.

His education:-

Earlier he was not highly educated but now most of them are graduate and post graduate He has to catch those who break law, Hence he is to be healthy and physically fit.

His Work and Usefulness:-

The postman’s job is very hard. He goes to post – office to sort out the mail of his area, takes it and starts delivering letters one-by-one.

In any season, be it hot summers or rains or extreme winters, this man does his work regularly. The postman brings hopes in many lives by delivering the letters of exam i-cards, interview letters etc. He brings smiles on many faces by delivering letters, money orders from their loved ones etc. Sometimes, he brings us bad news also.

His Salary:-

The salary of a postman is approximately 20000. But, the value of work that he does can not be paid in terms of money, Considering the service and work he renders to the public. He should be given a higher salary.

His General Condition:-

The government should try to improve his condition by providing more perks and facilities. so that, he can improve his living standard.

Essay On Postman For Class 7 To 9

His dress:-

Generally a postman wears a khaki uniform. He has a leather bag. He keeps letters, parcels and money – orders in it. He hangs it across his shoulder.

His education:-

Earlier he was not highly qualified man. But the new – comers are graduate. They can read English, Hindi and Urdu well.

His work and usefulness:-

A postman’s work is not easy. He has to go on his duty whether it is rain or shivering chill or burning sun. He goes to post – office at about 10 a.m. He sorts out letters of his area. Then he puts seal on them. Then he goes to deliver them. He brings money – orders to the people and gives them money.

His salary:-

A postman is not so well paid as hard his duties are .

His general condition:-

A postman is very useful to every member of the society. He works hard But, he gets few holidays.

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