Short Essay On A Policeman In English In 100, 150, 200, And 250 Words

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An Essay On A Policeman:- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On A Policeman, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as An Essay On Police, And Policeman Essay. So, Don’t confused stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Essay On A Policeman

An Essay On A Policeman In 100, 150, 200, And 250 Words


A policeman is an important public servant who is required at all public places to maintain law and order in society.

His Uniform, Weapon and Personality:-

His uniform is khaki in colour with brown leather shoes and a leather belt round his waist. He has brass badges on his shoulders and bears a name plate on his pocket. He carries a licensed rifle or gun to face the criminals.

His Duties:-

A policeman’s duty remains for long hours with very few leaves. Sometimes, his duty is very risky as he has to protect us against unsocial elements. Sometimes, he sacrifices his life while performing his duty.

His Place and Status in Society:-

A policeman is a respectful figure in the society His job is dignified. Thieves, criminals have a fear of policeman and common man can live with peace because of them.


His services to the society are admirable, so we all should respect policeman.

Policeman Essay For Class 8 & Class 3

His dress:-

Generally a policeman wears a khaki shirt, a khaki pant and a cap. He ties a leather belt round his waist. There are brass badges on his shoulders. He has a name plate also on his pocket.

His education:-

Earlier he was not highly educated but now most of them are graduate and post gratuate. He has to catch those who break law. Hence he is to be healthy and physically fit.

His work and usefulness :-

The work of a policeman is too difficult and risky . Sometimes he has to do risky jobs. His duties are hard. He may be called on duty any time. Day or night makes no difference.

He maintains law and order. He arrests law breakers and criminals. Sometimes he has even to sacrifice his life also in an encounter with dacoits or terrorists.

However, the policeman is not well paid. A policeman must be honest, sincere and duty bound.

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