Essay On Park In English In 100, 150, 200 And 250 Words

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Essay On Public Park :- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On Park, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as public park essay, essay on a seene in a public park, essay on public park in our town. So, Don’t confused stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Essay On Park

Essay On Park In 100, 150, 200 And 250 Words

Main Points

  • Introduction
  • Maintenance
  • Houses and Shops Near It
  • Uses
  • Conclusion

Introduction :- Shivaji park is a public park in our town. It is located near the government school.

Maintenance :- There are two gardeners who maintain the lawns. They try their best to keep the park clean and do not allow anyone pluck the flowers and litter.

Houses and Shops Near It :- It is near by the government school. No other building like house or shop is there near it. But there is a sports ground near it, where the students of the school go to play.

Uses :- The importance of the public park is being realised now – a – days more and more. Persons who daily take a walk in the morning and evening come to the park. In the evening senior citizens come and sit there, while children play in the park.

Conclusion :- Parks are the source to get fresh and clean air and provide the area to play. So it should be well maintained and safe for everyone.

Essay On Public Park For Students

Introduction :- There is Swarn Jayanti Park in our town. It is situated in Indira Puram near Noida. It is very famous and beautiful.

Description :- Swarn Jayanti Park is spread in a big area of several acres There are many spacious stretches with flower beds and green velvet grass. There is a big swimming pool also. Many elderly people and children enjoy boating in it. There are different kinds of rides, swings and other means of entertainment for children. There is a canteen also. The eatables are fresh and sold at reasonable rates.

Scene in the Park :- In the evening the park is packed with a great rush of visitors. On Sundays and other holidays the park is full of innumerable families. They bring breakfast and lunch with them. They sit together and make merry. Many children enjoy on swings, rides and on other facilities. Many of them enjoy boating.

Conclusion :- This park is the best place for enjoyment.

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