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Essay On ISRO:- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer a Essay On ISRO, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as Essay On ISRO and Its Achievements. So, stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Essay On ISRO ( 200, 250 And 500 Words)


ISRO, The Indian Space Research Organization was founded in 1969 on the efforts of the then Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. Originally, the Space Agency was called INCOSPAR. Shortly afterwards it was superseded by ISRO.

The Significant Role

The Indian space agency has helmed numerous space programs to make the country proud. It has gone on to achieve milestones that set parameters for the rest of the world to follow. At present ISRO is widely considered one of the best space agencies in the globe. It justly claims to be one of the most promising young space programs to watch out for in the coming decades.

Achievements of ISRO

Some of the greatest achievements of the ISRO that made every Indian and humanity in general, proud are as follows:

  1. The Mars Orbiter Mission:- In 2014 ISRO launched its Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) called the of the launch was to collect Mangalan. The purpose further information about the red planet. Its importance lies as follows: India became only the fourth country to successfully reach mars, after the Soviet Union, NASA and European space program. This was also the first mission to successfully reach mars at the very first attempt. Moreover at 450 Crore budget it was the most inexpensive mars mission so far.
  2. 104 Satellites at one GO:- In February 2017 ISRO launched its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle [PSLV – C37] carrying a staggering 104 satellites to be launched into space. The mission was successful and broke the record set by Russia’s launch of 37 satellites from a single vehicle.
  3. The NAVIC:- The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite system operational name NAVIC is a work in progress by the ISRO. When it is completed, India will become one of the only 5 countries in the world to have its own navigation system.
  4. The Moon Mission:- In 2008 India launched its unmanned lunar probe aptly named the Chandrayan. It made India one of the only 8 countries to have successfully sent an orbiter to the moon. The aim was to garner more information about the topography and climate of the moon. The Indian flag hoisted on the moon made every Indian heart swell with joy.
  5. Small Budget , Big Returns:- All the ventures of ISRO from the Mangalayan to the PSLV-C37 were lowest in cost in the world. The Mars Orbiter Mission costs only 450 crore rupees. The PSLV-C37 cost only 15 million dollars whereas NASA’s satellites were sent to space after spending upwards of 100 million dollars.
  6. Heaviest Commercial Plans:- In July 2015 ISRO launched the heaviest commercial mission so far into space. The mission carried a load of 1440 kg and 5 satellites.
  7. Aryabhatta:- India’s space missions took flight quite early in 1975 when ISRO built and launched the country’s first satellite, named Aryabhatta. The satellite was built entirely on Indian ground.
  8. The Reusable Launch Vehicle:- These are very cost effective having cost only 95 crores to build these are meant for multiple uses.

ISRO is, at present, working on sending a probe to Venus. It will take off sometime around 2021-22.


To conclude, the space program is ultimately means for the development of the nation and its people. India’s space program was criticised as a luxury. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam answered. It is myopic to look at a space program as a luxury. In fact, this is an important achievement to be made if a country is to be reckoned with in International circuits.

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