Environmental Pollution Essay In English 150,250,500 Words

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Environmental Pollution Essay:- Hello students, Today we teach you how to write a Essay On Environmental Pollution, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as Essay On Pollution. So, stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Environmental Pollution Essay

Environmental Pollution Essay (250 And 500 Words)


Environment is the surrounding of an organism. This environment in which an organism lives is made up of various elements like air, water, land etc. Any kind of undesirable and unwanted change in the proportions of these elements can be termed as pollution .

Causes of Pollution

The poisonous water and waste product of the factories mingle with the water bodies and poison them. Resultantly, the aquatic life gets affected. Fish die, disturbing the ecological balance. The water, too, is rendered useless which can neither be used for drinking nor for washing. This also results in the reduction of the area of ​​water bodies . Such a situation arises when non – degradable products are dumped on fallow land or on the banks of rivers and sea shores.

Harmful Effects

Waste materials such as plastics, polythene, bottles etc cause land pollution and render soil infertile. Moreover, dumping of dead bodies of men and animals, washing of clothes and utensils add to the problem. Another major problem of pollution is the air that we breathe in, is being polluted by the smoke pouring out of chimneys and automobiles.

No doubt, air pollution takes place even by volcanoes, cyclones, forest fires etc but human activities are more responsible for causing air pollution. Gases like CO₂, CO, SO₂ are emitted, which mix with air and cause great harm to the human body, flora and fauna.


Use of organic manures should be encouraged instead of chemical fertilisers to prevent soil pollution. Planting of trees should be encouraged and cutting down of green trees should be strictly checked. Unleaded petrol should be used in vehicles.

The directions of the Supreme Court to manufacture cars as per Euro I and Euro II norms should be strictly enforced. Industries should have proper emission systems and should conform to the laws in order to ensure safety of the people living in residential areas around. Strict laws should be legislated and enforced regarding the keeping of our sea shores and river banks clean.


The government should also try to educate people about various kinds of pollution and create public awareness. People should be involved in helping to reduce and control pollution. Moreover, punishments should be strictly given in case of violation of any environmental law so that such people learn a lesson. Until, we all get serious and resolve to make our planet a better place to live in, humanity stands amidst grave danger of perishing and being destroyed due to the severe and increasing problem of pollution.

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