Dinosaurs Essay In English In 150,200 & 250 Words For Students

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Dinosaurs Essay :- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Short Essay On Dinosaurs, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as Essay on Dinosaurs, and Dinosaurs Essay for students. So, Don’t confused stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

Main Points Of Dinosaurs Essay

  • Introduction
  • Time of the dinosaurs
  • Types of Dinosours
  • Shapes and Sizes
  • Conclusion
Dinosaurs Essay

Dinosaurs Essay In English For Students

Introduction – ‘Jurassic Park’ had been a film, which has created a storm. It opened up a volcano of interest in the earliest inhabitants of the earth. It has been created the new hero for the children “The Dinosaur”. There is a craze to discover, most interesting ancestors of Dinosaur who are extinct. They were monafrous and giant. dinosaurs were the forerunners of animal life on earth.

Time of the dinosaurs – Nearly 150 million years ago, the great dinosaurs ruled the earth. Dinosaur literally means ‘a terrible lizard’ . Like lizards, dinosaurs had hard, rough, and scaly skin. They were cold blooded reptiles. They laid eggs and had long legs. They lived on swamps, on land, mountains, rivers, forests, everywhere on the earth.

Types of Dinosours – There were hundreds types of dinosaurs. They are divided into dimthosichains (bird hipped dinosaurs) such as protesarataps and had hip bone similar to birds and SAURICHIANS with hip bone similar to lizards like DIPLODOCUS. Some were meat eating and some were plant eaters.

Shapes and Sizes – Dinosaurs varied greatly in their size, shape and features. They did not live at the same time. Some lived 200 million years ago, other 70 million years were giants. Some such as COMPSO GNATHUS was of size of a chicken and Heterodontesaorus was of size of a large dog. Some such as BRONTOSAURS and DIPLODOLUS were really giants.

Conclusion – About 65 million years, ago, long before man came into existence, dinosaurs and the flying and swimming reptiles died out abruptly. The only records left are their fossils the reason for their abrupt disappearance still remains a mystery.

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