Advantages And Disadvantages Of Co Education Essay In English

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Co Education Essay:- Hello students, Today we teach you how to writer Essay On Co education, Lots of times this essay asked in exam as advantages of co education essay, disadvantages of co education essay essay on co education, co education essay in english and co education essay with quotations. So, Don’t confused stay in this blog and note down in your copy.

co education essay in english

Main Points Of Co Education Essay

  • Introduction
  • Interaction between boys and girls
  • Advantages of co education for both
  • Disadvantages of Co-education
  • Merit & demerits
  • Good for society
  • Conclusion

Co Education Essay In English

Introduction:- Co-education means education of both boys and girls in the same school or college. The understanding of men and women is an important part of education. In modern age, it is necessary to work hand in hand. Education trains a man to live successful life. Co-education trains both men and women to live peacefully and happily.

Interaction between boys and girls:- Education develops all powers of boys and girls. It aims at making them happy and useful for society. They must know each other. Their married life will fail without clearly understanding each other. Their married life will fail without clearly understanding each other. Co-education prepares them to live in practical world. This is one of the advantages of co-education.

Advantages of co education for both:- Education is equally useful for both boys and girls. Our poor country cannot afford to have separate schools and colleges for boys and girls in a sufficient number. They require lot of money. We have a large number of schools and colleges for boys but not for girls. So co-education solves the problem. It saves a lot of money. Besides, everybody has equal rights and duties. Both men and women try for some jobs in the country. The competition is open to them. Co-education trains both boys and girls to do their duties well.

Disadvantages of Co-education:- But there are some people who dislike co-education. They find it harmful for society. Our Hindu belief is against co-education. It is said that young girl is like burning fire and young boy is like a pure ghee. So such people disapprove of co-education. There is another objection to it. Girls are shy by nature. They can not study in boy’s educational institution with all freedom. So they say that co-education is not useful and helpful to the girls of our country. Some people argue that girls should be given different kind of education. So co-education will not serve the purpose.

Merit & demerits:- But co-education has both merits and demerits. Some experiments in co-education have been successful. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to educate both boys and girls on equal terms. Today many women hold high posts in the country and abroad. Discipline must be of a high standard in co-educational institutions. Both boys and girls must learn good manners. Only then co-education will be useful.

When young boys and girls come closer to each other, they are more for each other than for their books. They get busy in making friends with each other. The boys chase their girl class fellows on their cycles. Sometimes, they even deceive their parents. Under one or the other pretext they remain away from their homes and enjoy the company of their friends of the opposite sex in cinema hall. The precious time of study is thus lost owing to sex attraction.

Inside class room, the students try to attract the attention of their friends of the opposite sex. They become absent minded. Boys keep combs in their pockets and dress up off and on, even while the teacher is lecturing. All sorts of motions gestures and signs are made in class. This is decidedly a sign of indiscipline. The entire atmosphere of co-educational institutions is one of indiscipline.

The evil effort of co-education on character cannot be denied, Purity of character is impossible in such an atmosphere. Such education institution are more or less fashion places, Girls of such colleges try to be heroes and heroines of the cinema. The latest fashion are imitated. In fac all sorts of undesirable habits are formed and good qualities of character is sacrificed.

Good for society:- Co-education is good from the social view point also. Young boys and girls yet good opportunity to understand each other They have to work in different walkes of life in co-operation with each other So, though co-education a healthy spirit of working together is developed Some of these young students choose their life partners from among their class fellows. In this way, the problem of marriage for many parents is solved Boys and girls educated together prove more successful in their family and social life. This is due to the understanding of each others psychology which they get during the period of their education.

Conclusion:- Keeping in view all the bad and good qualities of co-education. We must say that we can not totally reject it. There is no harm in educating girls and boys together in primary classes. They can study there as brothers and sisters. Co-education is dangerous for the High school and Intermediate classes. At this stage several physical and mental changes take place. During the period students must not be allowed to go astray. Total separation from each other is essential. Hence co-education does not suit to this age-group. Again, in university classes co-education may be allowed.

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